Training is an investment in the sustainable development of your team.

Training is an investment in the sustainable development of your team.

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Each owner of special equipment is interested in increasing productivity, reducing the length of downtime, reducing operating costs, as well as in increasing security measures and maximizing profit from activities.

From the qualification of the operator and the mechanic, up to 50% of the machine’s productivity, the final cost of the material and the cost of ownership of the machine, both the cost of maintenance and the term of its service, depend. That’s why quality training and professional instruction of operators and mechanics is so important.

Realizing this, ADM Corporation has opened its own training center, where the owners of construction equipment will be able to train new and improve the skills of already operating operators and mechanics.


Instructing the operator consists of theory and practice. The duration of the theoretical and practical parts depends on the type of machine and the experience of the operator. An experienced operator can show performance several times higher than a beginner can. When training operators, they acquire the skills of safe operation, proper operation of the machine, training the basics of daily and weekly maintenance, basic concepts of machine operation and methods for increasing its efficiency.

Advanced training courses for mechanics are special short-term courses where they improve their theoretical knowledge and practical skills. All courses have a well-thought-out theoretical basis and are built on experience from real practice.

Our specialists with rich experience and having certificates from manufacturers carry out training and ready to share their knowledge and skills with the participants of the training.

The center has the necessary resources for productive training: equipped classes, a large number of visual materials, technology, highly qualified teaching staff.